blue bears

During this ever-so chaotic year, belonging to a community has been essential in holding on to meaningful relationships and a purpose. As we all look forward to reunion, Blue Bears Special Meals is planning a special celebration for our second anniversary of enabling young adults facing intellectual and development disorders to work and learn in a meaningful environment.

For our celebration ending on May 22, we will display a gallery of blue bears created by you, the exceptional talent in our community. How do you express your creativity? Will you sculpt a blue bear? Will you paint a blue bear? Will you knit or write a story or author a play or sew a blue bear costume? Let us finish out our isolation with creation!

Submissions are being accepted until Monday, May 10. Your blue bear can be quarantined on the shelving in our lobby if you are coming to visit us. You may also virtually submit your blue bear to Our esteemed judges (our young adult team) will meet in time to announce the prize winners at our grand celebration on Saturday, May 22. Prizes will be gift certificates for our special meals of international food. You may also see your creation on our social media channels under the hashtag #bluebearscelebration. We look forward to our reunion, your entry, and our grand celebration.

Blue Bears Special Meals is located in the Princeton Shopping Center and is open Mondays through Saturdays for dine-in eating and curbside pickup.