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Fetch! Pet Care owners Sue Reeg and Cora Baker.

Before most people toss the pumpkins off the porch, Sue Reeg and Cora Baker, owners of Fetch! Pet Care in Ewing, are busy booking a hectic holiday season. Amid vacations, parties, late work nights, shopping and cooking, precious pets may get less attention in the holiday hustle.

“Clients and pets can benefit from the numerous services Fetch! offers, from regular walks for the dog to daily visits when you’re away from home,” says Cora Baker. They will also water plants, collect mail, take out trash and rotate blinds and lights as if someone is home. “That’s the Fetch! slogan – We’ve got your tail covered!” Cora affirms.

Fetch! tailors each service to meet your pet’s needs. They will feed your pet, play or walk and love them – whatever the pet wants and needs to keep them happy and healthy. They also tend to necessities, like scooping the litter box, and provide specialty services such as giving medications, including injections.

After each visit, the sitter communicates with the client, providing notes and pictures, through the My Fetch! app. The app includes GPS tracking so everyone knows a service is completed. Clients can message sitters and provide reviews and feedback through the app. It really helps to keep the Fetch! “Happy Pets Promise” – peace of mind, convenience and satisfaction guaranteed!

Cora and Sue have always had pets and are avid animal lovers. They began working part time at Fetch! six years ago while working full-time and became customers in 2017 after adopting their dog Sadie. When the owners retired in 2018, they bought the franchise and became full-time business owners. “That’s the difference between Fetch! and some other providers,” says Cora. “We are local owners so there is always someone to speak with if there is a question or concern.”

Changes in work and family life have generated a clear demand for professional pet care. Two-career couples, stressful commutes, longer hours and unforeseen events, all make the process more complex and often more urgent. “Responsibility and trust are essential in pet care,” says Sue Reeg. Animals can become ill or home emergencies may arise. Fetch! takes care of everything in your absence. And whether there’s rain or snow, they will be there. “We go the extra mile,” says Sue, “because lives depend on it.”

Before taking a job, Sue meets with the client and the pet to get acquainted and learn their routine. She assigns a sitter who best meets their needs and a backup sitter to ensure every visit is completed. Unlike some other providers, clients always meet their sitters so that there is a relationship. All sitters on staff have passed a background check and are thoroughly trained, bonded and insured. Some worked with Fetch! previously and have years of experience.

Fetch! Pet Care tends to cats and dogs, but ducks, turtles and fish have also appeared on their client list. Additionally, Cora and Sue will board and provide day care for a limited number of dogs at their home in Ewing. Areas covered are Ewing, Lawrence, Pennington and Titusville in New Jersey and Morrisville, Washington Crossing and Yardley in Pennsylvania. Call (609) 643-0843 or visit fetchpetcare.com/w-trenton-yardley-pa to schedule a free half-hour consultation.