A Community News Advertising Feature

“If you think your pharmacy is just a place to pick up prescriptions and health care products, you’re missing some exceptional opportunities to improve your health and well-being,” says Jay Patel, owner of the Robbins Pharmacy in Ewing.

“Today’s pharmacy should be a community healthcare destination, a wellness center and an educational resource for a diverse population with specific needs,” he says.

That population spans families, students at The College of New Jersey and a large demographic of seniors with issues such as arthritis, diabetes, dementia, sleep disorders, bladder control and constipation problems and injuries from falls.

College students suffer from different conditions: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse and skin problems. As these conditions develop, so do a host of new medications, medical devices and therapies.

“With tremendous advances in treatments and medications comes a great need for accurate information and professional assistance,” Patel affirms.

Patel, a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, spent 20 years at a leading chain before purchasing the business two years ago from the Robbins family, which had, over 25 years, made the pharmacy an essential part of the community.

The new management has expanded the business model into a resource that promotes wellness through a wide range of healthcare screenings and educational programs that meet these diverse and complex healthcare needs. Among them:

Diabetes Prevention Program. Working with HabitNU, a nationally recognized health coaching program, The Robbins Pharmacy offers free seminars for patients who are at risk for diabetes, but not yet diagnosed with the disease. “According to the CDC, there are more than 100 million Americans with diabetes and 862,000 of them are New Jersey residents,” notes Jay Patel. “That’s 11.3 percent of the state population and in some US states, the rates as high as 15 or 17 percent.”

Medication Synchronization. This convenient service enables patients to fill all their prescriptions at one time, regardless of the date they are scheduled for refill. Pharmacists synchronize prescription refills to a day convenient for the patient, and have them ready for pickup. This eliminates the need for multiple trips to the pharmacy and lessens the possibility of running out of medications.

Multiple Medication Review. This service assists patients who take multiple medications for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. By reviewing medications, pharmacists can ensure they are taken correctly, recommend possible changes and help patients maximize the benefits of their prescriptions.

Other services include immunizations, medication therapy management, multi-dose packaging, and delivery.

Now part of the Medicine Shoppe® group, the Robbins Pharmacy has expanded to 10,000 sq. ft., including a Hallmark card and gift shop and a full-service U.S. Post Office.

“We see ourselves as important members of each patient’s healthcare team,” says Jay Patel. “By making the pharmacy experience convenient, productive and above all, informative, we can be a true resource for the Ewing community.”

Robbins Pharmacy, 2108 Pennington Rd. Phone: (609) 882-2404.