Deborah Kiselah

Deborah Kisela with her book of poetry, “Poems of My Own: Love and Life.”

“Welcome, everyone, to my first poetry book,” writes Deborah Kisela on the opening pages of “Poems of My Own: Love and Life.”

“I’m now 54 years of age and finally getting a poetry book published! Yeah!! Thank you, Lord Jesus!!” exclaims the writer who saw her book recently printed by the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (T.A.S.K.), where she participates in sessions conducted by the A-Team artists.

Kisela says her first 12 years of life were spent in Hamilton, “moving from one area to another. The later years of my life were spent in Trenton, Freehold, and Cranbury.”

Married at the age 19, with two grown children and four grandsons, and now raising two of her grandchildren, Kisela notes she has been writing poems from the age of 12 and that each are “like a story in themselves (and) published in a few anthologies.

“Now after many years, I am finally getting a book published. Thank you, T.A.S.K., and my creative writing group at T.A.S.K.”

Here the poet shares a seasonally appropriate work:

Spring II

Spring has come upon us in a flash. I’m glad we

haven’t had much of a Winter blast of snow!!

It is wonderful to see new life appearing on the

trees, also amongst the ground all around, as the

flowers are blooming with new life, proving to me, that

“The Lord,” is all over our Earth!!

You can see and hear the songbirds sing, such a

wonderful sight to see. The bright red cardinal a-glow

in the warm sun, a beautiful bird indeed, singing his

glorious song, in search of a partner to love and also

raise a family of their own.

The days are growing long and the nights

shorter, in no time at all the children will be playing

until sunset comes along and the summer will follow

right along.

Spring brings new life in the World all around,

You even see it amongst the ground, “What a glorious

season of the year!!”

“Poems of my Life,” by Deborah Kisela, published by Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.

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