Red foxes deliver late-night mating calls fromour downward-pitched backyard, yielding another fitting name: ‘Screaming Fox Hollow’

I ask for so little. I don’t want a mansion. I don’t want a fancy car. I don’t want a huge closet filled with designer clothes. I don’t want tons of money. Wait. On second thought, maybe I DO want tons of money. Anyway, you get my drift. I do not ask for much.

The point of marijuana is to consume it furtively, to be worried about the police catching you and putting you in jail. If you can just consume it, what’s the point?

I spent my entire career as a union carpenter putting up buildings and organizing people. Before serving in the State House as an Assemblyman, I worked there as a carpenter on one of its several major renovations.

Despite the daycare’s claims that they were observing the highest standards of precautions, the staff in direct contact with the children wore face shields rather than face masks and discouraged the children from wearing masks

'Aside from picking up foreign phrases and slang expressions that would be unintelligible otherwise, I found I enjoyed the experience of reading along with the action'

The Waughs were an extremely gifted family of artists that spanned three generations. You might say that if paint were in their blood, it would be viewed in many colors and shades of the rainbow

Being a friend gives one the right to be irritating, be quick to share problems that no one wants to hear about, and to come through in times of crisis

"It was Easter Sunday, one of the many holidays that I don’t celebrate. Since the sky was blue and the wind strong, I decided to take my grandchildren to the field behind Hopewell Elementary for some opportune kite-flying."

Although its location on Main and Crosswicks Streets was always referred by residents as “Borden’s Corner,” Samuel Burr's easy manner and reputation would eventually justify its new name as “Burr’s Corner.”

Wordle. I bet you’ve heard of it, played it, failed at it, triumphed over it, cursed at it and maybe even cheated on it. It’s the latest online word game that has everyone captivated. Dare I say obsessed? I studiously avoided the game like the plague. At first. NOW? I am a Wordle fanatic.

May 2022. Mother Nature continues to awaken from her winter rest, and is festively adorning herself in bright colors and dancing among a limitless palette of greens. Unfortunately we still find ourselves working our way through the thorny Covid brambles, trying desperately to finally arrive …

'An anonymous donor has agreed to match hourly donations bringing the effective rate to $13 an hour for the April 9th Clean-Up Day.'

Director of Public Safety is one of the hats I wear for Robbinsville, but no one will ever confuse me with Miller Huggins—manager of the fabled 1927 New York Yankees featuring the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Tony Lazzeri.

"I had my first experience with stereotypes against Asian Americans at age 7. At the time I had thought it was some joke. It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized what those words had meant."