"It was Easter Sunday, one of the many holidays that I don’t celebrate. Since the sky was blue and the wind strong, I decided to take my grandchildren to the field behind Hopewell Elementary for some opportune kite-flying."

Although its location on Main and Crosswicks Streets was always referred by residents as “Borden’s Corner,” Samuel Burr's easy manner and reputation would eventually justify its new name as “Burr’s Corner.”

Wordle. I bet you’ve heard of it, played it, failed at it, triumphed over it, cursed at it and maybe even cheated on it. It’s the latest online word game that has everyone captivated. Dare I say obsessed? I studiously avoided the game like the plague. At first. NOW? I am a Wordle fanatic.

May 2022. Mother Nature continues to awaken from her winter rest, and is festively adorning herself in bright colors and dancing among a limitless palette of greens. Unfortunately we still find ourselves working our way through the thorny Covid brambles, trying desperately to finally arrive …

'An anonymous donor has agreed to match hourly donations bringing the effective rate to $13 an hour for the April 9th Clean-Up Day.'

Director of Public Safety is one of the hats I wear for Robbinsville, but no one will ever confuse me with Miller Huggins—manager of the fabled 1927 New York Yankees featuring the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Tony Lazzeri.

My father had a pair of pants that he only wore on Christmas. For, like, over 25 years. The pants were bright red and green plaid polyester. These pants are legendary in our family. For our family, these pants signified Christmas.


I’ve been holding the topic of this column for several months, having decided it would be an appropriate one for the February column, since February celebrates Black History month.

"I’m new to the area. Can anyone recommend a local shaman to cure my bunions? Please, no incense — my gerbil is allergic."

So. Welcome to 2022. What will this year bring? Let’s face it. The last couple years have been….challenging, to say the least. Let’s hope that 2022 is happier, safer, healthier, and a whole heck of a lot better. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of my resolutions for 2022.

For several years now, I’ve used the first column of the new year to look back on the previous year, and “test” you all on your retention. But since often I don’t recall what I put in my columns, I sure don’t expect you all to do so! Therefore, just enjoy this review of last year.

My kids are grown now — and gone. One by one, they said goodbye and disappeared into their own future. Leaving me with the memories. And stacks of drawings.

After last month’s exploration of the Columbia School, I found myself thinking about the other early schoolhouses in Ewing, like Birmingham and Scudder’s Falls. 

Some good things did come out of my having a sore back and walking bent over like I was looking for spare change on the ground. I noticed that our hardwood floors were looking a bit dull. I also noticed that I needed a pedicure.

Putting your name on a ballot is one of the most frightening things anyone can do... Having been in the arena for 26 years, I salute anyone who puts themselves out there and is willing to serve the public.

Earlier this year, there was a brief question related to Ewing history posed on a Ewing social media group page which immediately intrigued me, and prompted me to do some research.

This post reflects my personal opinion on vaccinations. If you have no interest in my opinion, please just move on. I am aware of my detractors and, as a result, I did not post this on any of our community Facebook pages—just on my own Facebook timeline, my own blog site, and in this column.

This year, my wife and I agreed to celebrate our wedding anniversary by going to a day spa in that renowned oasis of relaxation known as Northern New Jersey.