"My home recently underwent a “reorganization”— my wife’s favored euphemism for the rearranging of items so that I can no longer find them."

Normally, I would reserve the well-deserved praise for our Robbinsville Township Police Department in this space for August, when “National Night Out” corresponds with “Police Appreciation Week.”

I intend this article to better inform those interested in our public budget process. Although it is a bit choppy with dates and descriptions, I hope that by the end of the article, the reader will be more informed about what we do and when, and maybe prompt them to participate or follow alo…

Seemingly lost in all the misinformation, rumors and just plain untruths surrounding the possible future preservation of Serenity Farms (aka Gafgen Farm; aka Lavender Farm), Robbinsville Township officially renewed its lease of a portion of Block 5, Lot 1—also known as the Thompson Tract/Cub…

While November and December are times of great thanks, appreciation and celebration, 2023 brings new hope and a growing wish to heal all that divides us.

We continue this month with our exploration of the Delaware River and its parallel “ribbons of transport”—the canal, the railroad and the roads—that constitute the western boundary of our township.

A seemingly very long time ago, in the days before called COVID-19, the members of our governing body and I had discussions about making a more substantial effort to improve communications with the community and better support our local businesses.

Using Auntie Diz Knee’s patented “Fun Scrambler App™,” you’ll be randomly assigned to rides and eateries at any time and place except the one you wanted


I love the holidays. I love seeing Christmas commercials on TV, I love cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinner, I love shopping for Christmas, I love partying on New Year’s Eve.

"I’ve seen worse in other places, but the lack of maintenance definitely sent a message that no one cared enough to keep it clean"