The Delaware and Raritan Canal has always been a popular subject to write about. Its history is richly saturated within the rip-rap stone crevasses of its towpath and waterway.

Spoiler Alert: The ending of The Wizard of Oz revealed. Glinda The Good Witch floats in from her beautiful pink cocoon and emerges to tell Dorothy, “You’ve always had the power” (to get home). Glinda confesses that she hadn’t shared that message sooner because Dorothy “wouldn’t have believed…

The world may cry, even fall apart, but through it all, dogs keep doing their happy dances.

Vaccines are still the only way out of this mess, and booster shots are here for the immunocompromised and soon to be available for anyone eight months removed from their second shot of Moderna or Pfizer.

Born in Philadelphia in 1770, Joseph Hopkinson shared his childhood years between the city and Bordentown where his parents bought a home in 1773

"Thankfully, he never took his shirt off, as many older guys did on hot days; apparently, even a guy nicknamed 'Smelly' can retain a modicum of decency."

Summertime: Just say that one rather common word a bit more languidly than usual, drawn out with the slightest hint of melody, followed by a small pause, and people smile and light up.

The first step to growing old gracefully is to readily admit that you’re getting old.

A year apart means we are meeting our close friends again for the first time.

This month we reflect upon and express gratitude for people like Patricia Whitehead, who share their experiences to bring the past alive to us all these years later.

“That was the strangest thing,” my son said. “As if a vein was opened, and the words just kept coming out of her.”