For several years now, I’ve used the first column of the new year to look back on the previous year, and “test” you all on your retention. But since often I don’t recall what I put in my columns, I sure don’t expect you all to do so! Therefore, just enjoy this review of last year. No peeking at the answers at the end of this post.

now and then helen kull

1. January: The “Voices of Ewing” Project was initiated by the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society with the goal of collecting what from Ewing residents?

a. Their favorite songs

b. Recordings of primordial screams

c. Personal stories of life during the Covid pandemic

d. Old stuff

2. February: The “Year in Review” ran in February, so there’s no test on the test! (Free points!)

3. March: The column in March began a series taken from a memoir written in 1940 by Patricia Whitehead Stoner, a Ewing resident who passed away in 2015 at the age of 95. Her memoir was about:

a. How to write a memoir

b. Life in Ewingville in the late 1800s and early 1900s

c. Stories of life during the Covid pandemic

d. The futility of writing a memoir

4. April: Ms. Whitehead’s 1940 memoir mentions several individuals living along the “Shabakunk Road.” Today, the old Shabakunk Road is known as ________________?

5. May: True/False: “Cousin John Hendrickson” (a cousin of Ms. Whitehead’s. told stories of the numerous daily trips on the high speed line into Trenton by individuals to get the provisions they needed, since Amazon didn’t deliver at the time.

6. June: True/False: The “Ewing Then and Now” column which ran in June was perhaps the greatest column ever published.

7. July: The annual “Sarah Temple Tea” at the Ewing Historic Society honors:

a. Growers of black and oolong teas

b. Ewing residents who consume vast amounts of tea

c. People who have contributed in a significant way to the Society and to our community in preserving the history of Ewing.

d. People who have contributed more than $1,000,000 to the Ewing Historic Society

8. August: True/False: The original name of Ewing Township was Independence Township.

9. September: True/False: Our township is named after The Honorable Charles Ewing, a highly regarded attorney, law counselor, and banking director, who excelled in mathematics and logic. He served for almost a decade as Chief Justice of the NJ Supreme Court, and was memorialized in 1834 as the namesake of the former Trenton Township after his sudden death from cholera in 1832.

10. October: The Overflow Parking Lot for the Trenton/Mercer Airport is named after the Wright Brothers because

a. The Wright Brothers built it, and the site was recently excavated

b. The Wright Brothers secretly came to Ewing to fly their experimental aircraft

c. The additional lots for the airport honor great names in aviation history

d. The Wright Brothers in this instance are Fred and Jed, airport personnel.

11. November: True/False: The Columbia School in Ewing was recently honored for its acclaimed success in moving students to a virtual platform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

12. December: True/False: In the early part of the 19th century, New Jersey established the State School Fund, and enacted laws for communities to raise funds for their schools exclusively through bake sales.

* * *

Hope you all enjoyed this quiz! I have two quick notes to add:

1. I recently spoke with a descendant of the Hendrickson family, who would like to know what other Hendrickson “cousins” are in the area. If you are related to the Hendricksons who settled in Ewing early on, please send a note to me at

2. A member of the Reeder family reported to me that there IS in fact a local connection to the Wright Brothers! Orville and Wilbur’s father was an acquaintance of a local Reeder, and wrote in a letter that he didn’t understand his sons’ futile attempts at flying.

Here’s wishing us all a healthier, and happier, new year!


1. C

2. n/a

3. B

4. Ewingville Road

5. False

6. The column didn’t run. You decide T/F!

7. C

8. False

9. True

10. C

11. False

12. False

Helen Kull is an adviser to the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society.

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