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now and then

I seriously doubt any of us would choose to revisit 2020—it was such a difficult and challenging year in so many ways.

But traditionally in the new year in this monthly column, I have looked back at the previous year’s columns to provide a simple “quiz” for my readers, and to remind us of the varied history and people of Ewing. So here’s a very brief visit back to 2020—no masks required. Enjoy!

February: In February, we recognized the centennial of the approval by the N.J. State Assembly of a particular amendment which would become the law of the land in August of 1920. Which amendment was it?

March: A particularly memorable and impactful winter storm in Central N.J. was the “Blizzard of ….” (what year)?

April: The spirits of carefulness, collaboration and compassion will help to get us through the ____, which changed our lives in March.

May: What was the subject of May’s column?

June: Ewing, Trenton, and indeed the world lost a great jazz musician when Ewing High Class of ‘66 alum, alto sax player, and the man with the “Trenton sound” ____ passed away in May.

July: I found an old map of Mercer County at a small yard sale in June. In what year, or roughly, when, was the map published?

August: You can learn about the history and significance of certain locations by visiting and reading roadside ____, or even by visiting a vast online database of these informative items.

September: The “Peoples Garden” was proposed for the grounds at the Benjamin Temple House of the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society to memorialize what township couple devoted to civic responsibility, history, and historic preservation?

October: My “aerial time machine” brings me to what one place and time (Hint – see July)?

November: True/False: In 1905, the first person from the region of Naga in rural India to receive a foreign education outside of Naga was briefly educated in a small, relatively obscure village known as Trenton Junction in Mercer County, NJ.

December: A second visitor from Naga also came to Trenton Junction more recently. What is this person’s relationship to the first visitor?

Good job! Even if you only read the column, you pass! I hope at the very least, this “quiz” has shifted your attention, however briefly, to other perhaps simpler times, or reminded you of those who have contributed to making Ewing a wonderful place. Additionally, if there are topics you would like to see covered in this monthly column, please let me know at

I also encourage people to contact the Ewing Historical Society, and contribute to the “Voices of Ewing” project mentioned in last month’s column. You can find the column online at, or information about the project at

I wish everyone a healthy and safe 2021!


February: 19th Amendment, Women’s Suffrage

March: 1996 – but you may remember another one which was also bad!

April: pandemic

May: There was no May column, and thus no subject.

June: Richie Cole

July: 1849, or mid 19th century

August: roadside historical markers

September: Jim and Judy Peoples

October: Ewing, c. 1849

November: True

December: Biographer

Helen Kull is an adviser to the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society.