(Robbinsville Township Facebook photo.)

By a 5-0 vote June 24, Robbinsville Township Council introduced an ordinance opting out of allowing cannabis businesses.

Should the ordinance pass on the second reading, it would opt Robbinsville out of all licensing classes available through the new cannabis legislation signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in February.

The governing body can still vote to opt-in regarding one, or all of the licenses.

The primary reason for the ordinance, council members said, was the “absence of concrete rules and regulations. ”

Township officials and residents will have to opportunity to discuss what they want to be allowed, or prohibited, when it comes to recreational cannabis businesses locating and operating in the township, a press release said.

“Our residents are in support of (the new cannabis legalization legislation), but I know they are also in support of this town, and they don't want us to make any rash decisions when it comes to this very vague law the way that it reads,” Cipriano said.

Under the new legislation, municipalities must vote to opt-out of allowing businesses to operate under the six newly-created licenses by Aug. 21. If a municipality fails to take any action by then, all six classes of licenses will automatically be allowed in the municipality, subject to certain zoning restrictions depending upon the class of license.

After Aug. 21, municipalities will be locked into any decision they make concerning the licenses for five years. Municipalities can decide to opt-in at any time, then will be held to the five-year rule, under current legislation.

The law establishes cannabis as the name for substance produced and consumed legally and marijuana as the illegally produced, sold or consumed substance.

The six licenses are Cannabis Cultivator, Cannabis Manufacturer, Cannabis Wholesaler, Cannabis Distributor, Cannabis Retailer and Cannabis Delivery Service.

Municipalities cannot stop cannabis items and supplies from being delivered to consumers within their borders according to the law.