UIH Family Partners, a Trenton-based community organization that provides innovative programs and services to support men in meeting the responsibilities of fatherhood, announced the completion of its rebranding, establishing itself as The Father Center of New Jersey — or simply “The Father Center.”

The name, The Father Center, reflects the strength of the nonprofit’s continued mission to support men in gaining the skills and meeting the responsibilities of fatherhood. The organization believes that when fathers are empowered to be good parents, the entire community benefits.

Through a focus on career counseling and workforce development programs, fathers are given opportunities to gain skills and financially support their families. The Father Center offers fathers the emotional, social and economic resources to improve their lives and, in turn, those of their children.

“Rebranding as The Father Center signifies our organization’s recommitment to fathers and father figures in our community. Now more than ever, we must focus on helping fathers gain the life skills to be involved with their families and work skills to be able to contribute financially,” said Karen Andrade-Mims, executive director. “The new name represents our vision to empower every father to meet the responsibilities of fatherhood — socially, emotionally, and economically.”

The Father Center is New Jersey’s longest serving nonprofit. Several Trenton families seeking to protect vulnerable children and support families founded the organization as Union Industrial Home for Children in 1859.

Serving first as an orphanage, the agency has grown to focus on improving quality of life for children by supporting the father figures in their lives. Today The Father Center serves more than 1,500 fathers each year, guiding them to create strong, nurturing relationships with their children.

The Father Center of NJ also moved its offices from the intersection of State and Broad streets to a new, equally historic downtown location at One West State Street.

As Father Center manager of development and communications Denise Cavalier reports, the building is located on what is referred to as “Corner Historic” because of the rich history that is associated with this area of the city.

Originally a homestead in the early 1700s, One West State Street later became City Tavern, a local bar and eatery. During the 1800s and 1900s the building was home to the Trenton Savings Bank and, later, Wells Fargo.

The journey to the new home began when TFC connected with Kamal Bathla, the co-owner of One West State Street, through a mutual business acquaintance.

Bathla’s investment group purchased the building in 2017 and his company, Maestro Technologies, along with the Trenton Health Team, currently occupies the space.

Bathla felt, since both organizations are interested in training, workforce development, and job creation in a highly technical environment, it was a natural blend of two organizations whose visions for the City of Trenton overlap.

Maestro Technologies will help with the design of a state-of-the-art computer lab where community members can train for a variety of careers through TFC’s Bridges to Success Program.

TFC Board Member Steve Silverman connected the agency with Sheila Nall, retired project manager and former director of interior design at KSS Architects in Princeton. KSS designed the recent renovations for One West State Street.

Nall searched the KSS archives for the floor plans and, after meeting with TFC staff, the process of renovating the space was put into motion.

She also recommended longtime Trenton resident Stephen Doyle of the local architectural firm Clarke Caton Hintz to manage the project being realized by Princeton Engineering Group.

In addition to the openness and flow of the fifth-floor office space, TFC will have access to the grand foyer on the ground floor where galas, community meetings and events can take place.

For more information, go to the organization’s new website.