We didn’t find anyone decked out in black tie or little black party dress at Communiversity, but we still felt it was a pretty good party. With cars banned from Nassau and Witherspoon streets, and hundreds of food vendors, businesses, university groups, arts organizations, and community groups manning booths on both sides of the street, the energy in town was comparable to a Saturday of a home football game — if you go back a half century or so when 40,000 people used to show up for a home football game.

Compared to most businesses that participated, and even other media in attendance, U.S. 1 did not have much of a booth. All we had was a simple table filled with some back issues of the paper, two folding canvas chairs, and one measure of our secret sauce: a rockin’ Santa Claus on a low-riding Harley Davidson. Push his button and he played “Born to Be Wild.” Fortunately for us, lots of people were ready to party.

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