Worldwater Moves To Texas

Entech (formerly WorldWater & Solar Technologies Co.) (WWAT.OB), 200 Ludlow Drive, Suite E, Ewing 08638; 609-818-0700; fax, 609-818-0720. Frank Smith, CEO. Home page:

More than a year after WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. agreed to acquire Fort Worth-based Entech, the deal is complete and most or all of WorldWater is moving to Texas. The company was founded 25 years ago by Quentin Kelly, an engaging, idealistic man who ran it on a shoestring for most of its corporate life. Inspired by the sight of thousands of people dying in Africa, even as they stood just feet above groundwater that could be tapped, he set out to develop solar-powered water pumps for use in Third World companies.

Kelly resigned from the company, which is now to be called Entech Solar, last year.

The merger was undertaken in January, 2008, three months after the companies agreed to a $44 million deal that included $5 million in cash.

Entech has been researching and developing concentrating solar systems for 25 years. Since the acquisition, the company has dedicated its resources to commercializing its ThermaVolt system, which produces both electricity and thermal energy.

Entech Solar has relocated its headquarters from Ewing to Texas, where its 70,000 square foot, 200MW capacity manufacturing facility is located.

Amy Copeman, a spokeswoman from Entech, said the fate of the Ewing facility itself is still up in the air. The company might leave a small group here to operate a satellite office, but most of Ewing’s 70 employees will either go to Texas or leave the company.

The company’s ticker will remain “WWAT.OB” temporarily until the company is reassigned a new one.

Contract Awarded

Sarnoff Corporation, 201 Washington Road, Box 5300, Princeton 08543-5300; 609-734-2000; fax, 609-734-2040. Don Newsome, president & CEO. Home page:

Sarnoff has won contract from the U.S. Marine Corps to demonstrate its threat detection and situational awareness camera technologies.

The award comes from the Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory. As part of the deal, Sarnoff will demonstrate its Computer-Vision Assisted Combat Capability, or CVAC2, modular camera array prototype.

The CVAC2 is designed to offer military vehicles 360 degrees of monitoring for advanced situational awareness in combat zones. Officials say the CVAC2, integrated with 29 sensors, offers troops an interactive real-time display technology.

“Current command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance camera solutions typically rely on a single sensor and lack mobility, making them a poor choice to support dynamic combat operations,” Don Newsome, Sarnoff president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “The system’s fast, flexible and effective vision-based capabilities mean the U.S. Marines can rely on CVAC2 for successful military operations on urbanized terrain.”

Crosstown Moves

Bytech Inc., 15 Cliffview Court, West Windsor 08550; 609-454-0039; fax, 609-799-5344. Home page:

Bytech Inc., which sells power supplies and small displays for use at trade shows, has moved from Everett Drive to Cliffview Court. The firm, which opened its American office in West Windsor in 2007, is based in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Cardinal Partners, 230 Nassau Street, Princeton 08540; 609-275-2610; fax, 609-275-2619. John K. Clarke, managing general partner. Home page:

Cardinal Partners, which brokers venture funding for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, has moved from 600 Alexander Park to Nassau Street.

EPAM Systems, 41 University Drive, Suite 202, Newtown 18940; 267-759-9000; fax, 267-759-8989. Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO. Home page:

Russia-born software development and consulting giant EPAM Systems has left New Jersey. The firm, founded in 1993, employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, primarily in Eastern Europe and Asia. Since year it employed 60 at its North American headquarters on Lenox Drive in Lawrenceville. The firm now operates its global headquarters in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Despite gloomy news about the global economy, EPAM has been expanding, mostly in Europe. In December, the firm opened an office in Stockholm, Sweden, saying it would be the first of many throughout Scandanavia. According to a press statement, the expansion there is intended to augment the company’s consulting services to its more than 4,500 engineering clients in Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.


Mikros Systems Corp. (MKRS), 707 Alexander Road, Building 2, Suite 208, Box 7189, Princeton 08543-; 609-987-1513; fax, 609-987-8114. Thomas J. Meaney, president. Home page:

Mikros Systems Corporation, a technology company specializing in the development of electronic systems for military applications, has opened a new facility in Pinellas County, Florida. The new facility will support production of Mikros’ Advanced Diagnostic Electronic Portable Testset (ADEPT) product line and quality assurance, field support, and life cycle management services for both Mikros products and products of other companies.

The site was chosen to house the company’s growing technical and support staff because, says its president, Thomas Meaney, it is strategically located in an area of the nation where many growing defense and homeland security companies reside.

Netfrate LLC, 30 Vreeland Drive, Building 30, Suite 1, Skillman 08558; 609-430-0303; fax, 609-430-0202. Pavel Trubetskoy, president.

Netfrate, a Skillman-based freight company, is expanding to 1,500 square feet.

Pavel Trubetskoy, president of the company, which deals in freight forwarding, says he signed a lease for the additional space before current economic troubles began in earnest because he needed more space for his business operations.

Leaving Town

Levy Finney Baldante Rubenstein & Coren PC, 103 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540. :

The law firm of Levy Angstreich, Baldante, Finney, Rubenstein, Cohen & Chizmar has dropped Angstreich from its name and has left its offices in Carnegie Center. The firm operates in Philadelphia and Mount Holly, and can be reached at 856-424-8967.