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Management Moves: Senesco’s New CEO

It looks as if Senesco Technologies is getting itself

ready for action, whether to be acquired or to make another major

move. Bruce C. Galton, an experienced biotech executive, is the new

president and CEO at this company founded by Malcolm Forbes’

son-in-law, Philip Escaravage.

Galton replaces both Ruedi Stalder, a banking executive who was CEO

but who retains his post as board chairman, and Steven Katz, who was

president and chief operating officer. Steven Katz now has a


position and Escaravage is no longer on the board.

Galton had been president and COO at Annovis Inc., recently sold to

Transgenomics Inc., and he founded Cistron Biotechnology, which went

public and was successfully sold. Annovis marketed chemicals for DNA

synthesis and modified oligonucleotides for diagnostic and



Senesco was founded on Chambers Street but moved to New Brunswick

in May and now has a staff of four, plus scientists in Canada. The

three-year-old gene discovery firm announced on June 14 that it has

achieved its goal, to extend the shelf life of cut carnations. It

hopes to enhance the quality and productivity of fruits, flowers,

vegetables, and agronomic crops by controlling senescence in plants.

This technology is the focus of John E. Thompson, a University of

Waterloo, Ontario, researcher who is executive vice president at


and also serves on its board of directors.

Senesco Technologies Inc. (SENO), 303 George


Suite 420, New Brunswick 08901. Bruce C. Galton, president and CEO.

732-296-8400; fax, 732-296-9292. Home page:

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Management Moves: TDA

Chip Vaughn, president of the board of directors of the Trenton


Association, says David Schure, the organization’s executive director,

resigned on October 18. The TDA is a non-profit management


for the downtown Trenton Special Improvement District (U.S. 1, October


Vaughn says the board "humbly" asked for Vaughn’s resignation.

He declined to give a reason for the board’s action, saying: "It

deals with people’s lives. It’s confidential."

Schure, a resident of Princeton Township, was appointed to the top

spot at TDA five years ago. He holds a graduate degree in preservation

planning from Columbia, and joined TDA after working for the National

Trust for Historic Preservation.

Vaughn says TDA’s board is not yet interviewing for a replacement.

Trenton Downtown Association, 23 East State Street,

Trenton 08608. 609-393-8998; fax, 609-396-4329.

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Start-Ups: Mediation Law

For Carl Cangelosi’s first midlife crisis, at age 58,

he bought a BMW motorcycle and set out with four friends for a


trip from Denver to the rest of the U.S.A. Now he has fastened upon

a third, new career, as a mediation attorney.

"I like the mental stimulation," he says. "What I like

about mediation is that you don’t have to come up with a solution.

When I ran corporations, there was the stress of hiring and firing

people and being worried about the bottom line. As a mediator you

are just a facilitator. You need a lot of skills to do it but you

are not deciding for them."

The former general counsel of GE Americom, Cangelosi grew up in Elkins

Park, a suburb of Philadelphia, where his stepfather was a hide


After majoring in political science at Georgetown University, Class

of 1964, and earning his law degree from Boston College, he worked

at the Federal Communications Commission, joined RCA in 1971, and

became general counsel of the company known as RCA Americom. When

GE bought the firm in the mid 1980s, he stayed for several years as

general counsel of GE Americom. Then he became president and CEO of

MicroNet, a tower and teleport owner near Doylestown.

He sold that company to American Tower and worked as CEO of the ATC

Teleports in Alexandria but left two years ago to do communications

consulting group. "Frankly," Cangelosi says, "I got tired

of the communications business. I have been interested in mediation

for a number of years and have been doing it as a volunteer in


and South Brunswick. Every Monday I volunteer to settle civil cases

for Middlesex County in New Brunswick." He shares an office with

his wife, Margaret, who has a practice under the name of Princeton

Psychotherapy Group.

He considers this his third career, one that he could pursue in his

retirement years. "I can’t retire. It is too boring. Volunteering

is one way to build skills. Now I am trying to grow the mediation

practice on my own." He belongs to the New Jersey of Professional


Cases in Special Civil Court can range from $2,000 to $10,000. Among

the knottiest was whether the defendant would pay a large bill for

veterinary services for a deceased pet. But most are boring


disputes, such as too much noise, or an incessantly barking dogs.

"She does her wash at 2 o’clock in the morning." Or "her

dog barks for half an hour at a time."

"A lot of lawyers are mediators, but I am not sure that lawyers

are the best mediators. They tend to be too directed. They say, `the

answer is clear in my mind.’ I think running the business helped me

a lot more than the legal side. Even in running corporations, you

are trying to facilitate solutions between your staff members."

New Jersey Mediation Group, 33 State Road, Suite

H, Princeton 08540. Carl Cangelosi. 609-275-1352. E-mail:

Home page:

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Telemarketing: Direct Reach

Telemarketers and dentists are equally welcomed. Few

of us are happy to get the call in the middle of dinner time asking

us to take out a new credit card.

Still, telemarketing continues. "I find that most businesses have

to do telemarketing. It is the most cost-effective direct way to reach

your market," says Amanda J. Puppo, who has opened her own


service, MarketReach. Many businesses don’t like get calls themselves,

but they realize word of mouth is probably not sufficient.

Big companies hire their own telemarketers, and national firms like

RMH and Juno are an outsourcing option, but Puppo — based in


— believes small companies can do a better job. "The


is not fierce," says Puppo. "I’m looking to help businesses

with their telephone marketing solutions, whether business to business

appointment setting, lead generation, or list qualification."

List qualification might involve taking a list and finding the name

of the particular title and person (say, purchasing manager or


director) in each company. "A list that is eight months old might

need updating, because titles change," says Puppo.

"I am your sales arm, the employee you don’t have to hire. So

your sales people can do what they are supposed to do, which is get

in front of people," she says.

A graduate of State University of New York, Class of 1997, Puppo grew

up in Long Island, where her father was a police officer. She worked

for a marketing company and ADP before opening the business.

Anyone can do telemarketing but those who are earning just $7 to $8

are probably not sufficiently motivated to deliver quality leads,

Puppo believes. "It takes more skill to get four names and titles

than to get one name," she points out. "If I give you six

qualified appointments, and you can close one, that is worth


And you might have paid me $450."

MarketReach, 531 Windsor Commons, Cranbury 08512.

Amanda J. Puppo, president. 609-448-6364.

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New in Town

Empire Corporate Federal Credit Union, 1095


River Road, Suite 11, Jamesburg 08831. Jeanne Cline, operations


609-395-8650; fax, 609-395-9424. Home page:

In August Empire Corporate relocated its New Jersey office from Route

33 to Forsgate Technical Center, and it celebrated a re-opening open

house on Monday, October 22. A $4 billion financial institution, it

is based in Albany, New York. It provides wholesale investment,


payment, and correspondent services to more than 1,000 credit unions

in the Northeast; this branch serves more than 275 credit unions in

New Jersey.

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Onepath Networks, 600 College Road East, Suite

3400, Princeton 08540. Mike Horowitz, senior director of marketing.

609-514-1800; fax, 609-514-1881.

David Stehlin has left his post as CEO of Onepath Networks (formerly

Foxcom) and Mike Horowitz, marketing director, is now in charge of

this office. The company has sublet 40 percent of its space, and about

3,000 feet remain. Onepath Networks has about 15 people in the United

States, half (7) at this location, and about 75 people worldwide.

Howard Loboda, founder, is again the CEO.

"In order to preserve capital, the company was downsized. We


more development oriented, and it made sense to shift the headquarters

back to Jerusalem," says Horowitz.

The privately-held Israeli company was established to design,


and market broadband fiberoptic transmission systems and has moved

from a focus on video to full convergence. "We had a two-pronged

strategy, one for multiple dwelling units with video, data, and


products. The other piece was fiber to the home technology, the


`last mile,’ and that has been deferred," says Horowitz.

OnePath Networks remains active in the satellite communications


with such clients as DualStar, Hughes, Pan Am Sat, Southwest Bell

and Vyvx.

Anne Sweeney Public Relations, 3261 Cypress Court,

Monmouth Junction 08852. 732-329-6000. Home page:

Ten years after opening a public relations office in Rocky Hill, Anne

Sweeney has moved her office to Monmouth Junction. This agency that

represents travel-related companies has as its clients London’s Royal

Garden Hotel and Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, British


Dealers Association Fair, and MarketFair.

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Onsy Zaher Youakim, 56, on October 15. He worked with

OSI in West Windsor.

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