Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge opening 1

A new pedestrian bridge links Pennington and Hopewell to the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.

A new bridge connecting Pennington Borough and Hopewell Township to Mercer Meadows and the Lawrence Hopewell Trail has been opened to the public.

A virtual ribbon-cutting was held July 8 to commemorate the addition of the Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge. Mercer County Park Commission and county executives were joined by Hopewell Township Mayor Kristin McLaughlin, Pennington Mayor Joseph Lawver, and Lawrence Township engineer Jim Parvesse for the virtual celebration.

Aaron Watson, executive director of the Mercer County Park Commission, explained, “The bridge is part of a strategy to encourage more people of all ages to enjoy the park and the LHT by removing concerns about a difficult road crossing.”

More than 20 miles of the LHT is complete, with about two miles of the loop remaining to be built. The 22-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail traverses public and private land in Lawrence and Hopewell townships. The LHT is part of the Circuit Trails, an 800-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails that, when completed, will connect across a nine-county region in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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