My uncle Ned surprised us, left the throne
My father George ascended in his place,
And suddenly he said that I alone
Would one day bear the burdens he would face.

The Nazi blitz dropped bombs on peaceful groups,
And many skittish royals fled away,
But I remained in London, joined the troops,
And understood the role that I must play:

To drive the army trucks, transport the men,
To comfort broken soldiers’ dark emotion,
To reassure the children, young as ten,
And give the land the gifts of my devotion.

I’ve faced the gravest threats and stared ‘em down:
These gifts will be the jewels within my crown.

The writer is a Princeton-based poet, playwright, and author of the novella “The Hidden Ally.” The poem above — appropriately, an Elizabethan sonnet — was penned on occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8.

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