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A Delicate Balance

What is Big Bird thinking
so precariously perching
high on the crescent moon
balancing on a mobile
turning circles with the breeze
up on the Met’s roof.

His ping pong eyes fix to the sky
left wing clutches the quarter moon
right wing holds a ladder
as if he is trying to decide—
should he descend to the earth
or hike up to the stars.

Da Corte creates
this kinetic sculpture
during the COVID-19 pandemic
and labels it As Long As The Sun Lasts
as if he is trying to tell us
Be wary of the uncertain future.

Vida Chu grew up in Hong Kong but spent most of her life in Princeton, Her two books of poetry The Fragrant Harbor, and The Thirteenth Lake are published by Kelsay Books. During the pandemic, she enjoys hiking the many N.J. trails.

Of “A Delicate Balance,” she writes, “The poem describes a mobile with Big Bird balancing on a crescent moon on the rooftop garden of the Met. Big Bird seems to be at a loss of what to do next. I think the sculpture is a statement of the situation of our world with the pandemic, the climate change...”

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