Fleeing, antidotes have been key factors in personal survival during our COVID era. Escape literature can be history: Paris on the Brink. Surprisingly for me, November turns me to “The Plimoth Colony Cookbook.”

It is with considerable sorrow that we must now leave a country for which we sacrificed so much. We invested so many lives and so much treasure, and I would have thought the local people would return our munificence and stay with us, but no — they have chosen to go their own way.

We have entered the Age of Speculation — when the possible is valued more than the practical, the whimsical is desired more than the useful, and when belief is all that matters.

Black farmers face many challenges: The vast majority of farmers in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. are White, and many have the advantage of coming from families that have farmed the same land for generations.

Reviving the economy and creating new jobs presents a major challenge. Fortunately, the move to clean, renewable “green” energy will provide a huge boost to job creation.

We start looking forward to some celebrations with family and a Christmas tree — oops — I mean the Holiday tree!

Robbinsville musician and past U.S. 1 graphic designer Vaughan Burton shares his own thoughts on a hot new recording and how — despite being quarantined in New Jersey — he became one of its contributing artists.

Forty years ago is the real landmark for me, and December 8 is the date lodged in my memory. That was the Monday night John Lennon was gunned down in front of the Dakota Hotel in NYC, where he lived with wife Yoko Ono and their young son Sean.

Rising infection rates, new scientific data on the health impacts of COVID-19 on children, intractable congressional logjams on critically needed funding for school safety measures, and a lack of universal health and safety standards for all New Jersey schools threaten any heartfelt goal of …

Today the “shining city on a hill” has all but disappeared from view. Donald Trump never uses it. That tells us something. Today the ups and downs of this resonant phrase give us a revealing insight into our present political moment.

Last year was an extraordinary year, one for the history books, a year in which we coronas were finally able to leave the nest and spread our wings, perhaps a strange metaphor for a snippet of RNA, but there it is.

Sara Hastings reflects on parades that won’t happen, didn’t happen, and shouldn’t have happened in light of pandemics past and present.

How about investing in clean energy, parks and trails, and stronger protections for our waterways? These green investments will help the economy recover, create new jobs AND make communities healthier and safer.

How do we market our books in the age of Covid-19? The first thing is to recognize that while it may be harder to find an audience, you also will have people who really need your book right now.

Morality in business and investing is worth considering for two reasons. First, our lives are finite: is there some other pleasure besides maximizing returns? Second, while money is seen as a panacea for all problems, it does not usually improve people who get it.

While I’m generally not in favor of more bureaucracy and its corresponding red tape, the days of the IRS approving 99.5 percent of all applications from entities seeking favorable nonprofits tax status should end.

Just because you have been approved for a loan does not mean that your responsibilities to the lender have ended.

While there is huge support for our nation’s charities, there is very little awareness among the general public as to the economic clout, enormous growth of the philanthropic sector, or the process by which charities are granted and maintain their privileged IRS nonprofit status.

That threat — and the reason that Uber is valued at $54 billion — is the idea that Uber will one day control the world’s transportation systems. But what exactly is Uber building?

Have you written a paragraph? A chapter? Are you almost finished? It doesn’t matter where you are in your project, what matters is that you started. Now let’s see if we can help you finish.

Imagine this potential real-life scenario. You’re sitting at your desk, enjoying your morning cup of Joe, when you receive a phone call from a reporter at a major daily newspaper saying, “A devastating accident just took place at one of your plants and I hear there are casualties.”

You can have the key to save the most basic foundation needed to support human life. “And what is that?” you ask. It is the vast and quickly diminishing community of native pollinators of bees, birds, butterflies, beetles, flies, and small mammals that work together to supply 85 percent of t…

The fiscal future of New Jersey is fragile and, as such, will challenge those who want to fund ongoing programs, and make needed infrastructure improvements.