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This article was prepared for the April 21, 2004 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Perhaps you have seen the new U.S. 1 Business Directory with its bright red cover. Maybe you recognized one of the 36 individuals who are pictured in the four-color montage.

Last week our team of two dozen deliverers brought one free copy of the new 312-page directory to the nearly 5,000 companies in our circulation area — from New Brunswick to Trenton, from the Delaware River to Exit 8A. Now the directories sell for $17.95 at our office at 12 Roszel Road or at $21.95 by mail (that includes postage and handling) with a credit card. (See page 42 for how to order.) It is also available at area bookstores.

The cover makes a point that we sometimes forget. While we put the businesses into 220 categories, and while we define them and sometimes rank them in terms of staff size, annual revenues, office location, and business descriptions, all of these businesses are at heart the people who own them, run them, and work at them.

Reviewing the photographs, we were hard pressed to find anyone who did not have a ready smile for U.S. 1 photographer Craig Terry. Because while the central New Jersey business community is not immune to the rising and falling economic tides, it is by and large a great place to live and work.

We hope the directory will help you navigate through this community. If you are new to the area or just starting up your business, we invite you to submit your own company information so that we might list it next year. Just fax it to 609-452-0033 or fill out the directory form at And if you find an error in this year’s edition, please let us know so we can fix it now.

Some corrections and additions: Gus Dubiner, proprietor of 1 Stop Business Supplies (formerly T.E.L. Business Supplies) sells office supplies, business machines, and office furniture at the Village Shopper on Route 206 in Montgomery. He had asked to be listed under Office Supplies, but he found himself in the Office Equipment category. We apologize.

Other directory additions: In addition to being a developer and land owner, Thompson Land also has a commercial real estate division. Century 21 Rich Abrams and Associates has a commercial as well as a residential real estate office, and Kim Brown manages it. And Rita A. Ridley is the new postmaster at the Kingston Post Office.

One incident from last week’s delivery, as reported by a new administrative assistant at OOPS at Windsor Business Park: Her boss, Captain Sanjiv Beri, gave her the directory, and told her to guard it with her life. Then he noticed that the HR manager’s name had not changed and told her to make the correction. It’s Deborah Pelsinski.

Beri’s company, O’Brien’s Oil Pollution Services or OOPS, appears on the directory’s last page as the company with the most onomatopoetic name. Beri takes care of oil spills and other crisis management situations for vessels at sea.

So don’t be shy about telling us about any corrections or updates. To us, it’s news

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Corrections or additions?

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