summer fiction

The following stories were originally published in the July 25, 2018, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Editor’s Note: Many a child has spent months wistfully longing for summer and the associated respite from schoolwork. While U.S. 1 is staffed mainly by the “young at heart,” we too can look forward to a little break from the daily grind. To that end U.S. 1 takes is annual summer skip week and will not publish Wednesday, August 1. Regular weekly publication will resume Wednesday, August 8, giving readers plenty of time to complete their homework: your summer reading assignment is listed below.

All readers of and contributors to the summer fiction issue are invited to join U.S. 1 at a reception honoring the writers and poets on Wednesday, August 29, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in the Forum at the Lewis Center for the Arts on the Princeton University campus across from McCarter Theater and the Dinky train station. Free parking is available in West Garage, accessible via Alexander Street and North Station Drive.

Summer Fiction Poetry

September Calling

A Window Seat at the Café



Apache Match

Changing the Calendar

Misplaced Rage

The Old Dog at 16: Last Rights

My Father’s Hands

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Gravedigger’s Son

Goodnight Bunions

Century Man

Something New at Seventy-Two

Taking It Off

Potential Energy

Air and Water

Simon Ferdinand

Pink Pachyderm


The Language of Signs


Tinker, Tailor

Pickin Partners

Avid Shooter

Mother of Exiles

Night Wanderings

The Wild Geese

Leroy Joshua Stone

Philip Roth Died

Our Secret

What’s Your Font?

Her or Me

Lone Chair in a Field

Summer Fiction Prose


Manor House Mishap

Remembering Mike

The Back Field

The Banker


Family Business

The Things We Hold on To

The Scale

Odd Man Out

Sam Kirby’s Axe

A Morris Mill Ghost Story

The Haircut

Phone Food


Park Fall


Notes from an Under-Diva

Preview of the Arts


Fast Lane

On the Move: Trenton-Mercer Sees 30 Percent Increase in Passengers

Survival Guide

New Ideas for Smart Growth

A Librarian Goes Past ‘Just Google It’

For College Students, Help from Heartland

Blockchain Melody

Between the Lines

To the Editor: The End of an Era

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