There’s a pressing need for geriatricians — physicians who care for older adults. Here, Sara Ali, MD, a geriatrician at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Hamilton, explains how patients benefit from these physicians.

    Dr. Alfieri and his colleagues at AllCure’s offices are on a mission to raise public awareness of the causes of pain and the growing range of non-surgical therapies available to treat them. 

    James sits in his spot at the end of the bench at the train station. He wears his favorite possession, a suit jacket, charcoal gray with black buttons, just like the one his mother bought him for his big job interview, all those years ago. The suit jacket, frayed now at the sleeves from dail…

    Johnny Pomodoro was not about to let the scene he found himself walking in on turn into a “situation” and spoil what had up to now been a perfect day.

    Lakshman Bulusu is a poet, author, and Barnes and Noble Educator from Princeton. His poetry is published in U.S. 1, OpenDoorMagazine, The Poets’ Touchstone, Local Honey - Midwest, Five Willows Literary Review, and other magazines in the U.S., Europe, and India. He invented the STAR poem poet…

      Two poets and past contributors to U.S. 1’s Summer Fiction issues saw to fit pay tribute in verse on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. 

      I am in my home office library in Lawrenceville, hard at work as a medical librarian for a global publisher of professional content serving doctors and nurses. It is as I prepare for a late afternoon virtual meeting that I become aware of a sudden, strange buzzing sound nearby.

        YES, And! Those two small words have been proven to be life-changing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other conditions that impact their social and/or communication skills.

          U.S. 1 continues to accept works of short fiction, poetry, and short plays by writers and poets who live or work in the greater Princeton area. Email submissions, along with a brief biography, to

          Summer Fiction Year-Round: U.S. 1 continues to accept and publish submissions of original poetry, short works of fiction, and plays from readers who live or work in the Princeton area. Be sure to include a brief biography with your work.

          Moore, a Monroe resident, writes, “I am a retiree who at this late stage in life has decided to try to create poetry.”

          George Dabrowski retired from NJ Transit in 2007. A couple of those 33 years were spent on the Dinky, most enjoyably. He plays a bit of piano — his own compositions and old, old standards at Ellarslie, Trenton City Museum, in Cadwalader Park, on weekends. The Ellarslie Open is on till Octobe…

            Radiology Affiliates Imaging has been here for you for over 50 years, and we will continue to be here for you when you need us most.

            Princeton Yoga Community Center (PYCC) is a nonprofit service organization in the heart of Princeton providing a wide range of yoga offerings at no cost.

            A children’s book author and former elementary school teacher, Cooper lives in East Windsor.

            Elane Gutterman is a founding Board member and current Literary Committee Chair of West Windsor Arts. Her poems have appeared in the Kelsey Review, New Verse News, Paterson Literary Review and U.S. 1 Summer Fiction Issues. Her first book of poems, Tides of Expectation, is forthcoming from Ke…

              U.S. 1 is publishing user-submitted original short stories and poetry year-round, including works by Anne Hiltner and Carolyn Foote Edelmann in this week's issue.

              Though half a loaf is better far than none,Half a face shows half a disposition,And wondering if a masked man you should shunYou’ll only know by deepest intuition.

              Practically every Sunday morning when I was a kid and it wasn’t raining or snowing, my Pop would crawl under our latest second-hand Chevy Impala (we were a Chevy family), and as Mom led me and my sister Nancy to her green and brown woody station wagon, Mom would tap Pop’s protruding feet and…

              Michael H. Brill, a Ph.D. in physics, has been a poet and color scientist in the Route 1 corridor for more than 25 years. For the past seven of those years he has been the director of research at Datacolor in Lawrenceville. Mostly he sits at the same kitchen table each day, having actually c…

              Back when I worked at Bloomberg News, I was assigned to write a story on Faisan Shah, the investment banker. “Investment” was a polite way of saying what Shah did. He ran a hedge fund that struck fear into the corporate giants in America. He would buy up big chunks of a stock, sending the […]

              Order a fourth café con leche. You feel comfortable ordering that in Spanish, sitting at a table in the Lion Cafe, on the afternoon of your first day in Madrid, two days after Christmas. Plan to lay low today, start to get over the jet lag and wait until your daughter arrives in the evening […]

              “It will be another summer of love,” the girl says, inspecting a lock of her hair for split ends. “You know, like in those hippie days in the previous century.” She and her mother sit on wooden chairs on the porch in front of their house, the smaller colonial they moved to a couple of […]

              We open March windows not knowing if bad air comes in or goes out. The long down hill slants wind in our faces. The spring breeze stirs as we cycle aside the lock. On the road home our breath heavy, unmasked. The magnolia buds break open discarding gray husks on the ground like field mice. […]

              After my Pfizer shots, I make a reservation to swim at six in the mornings at the Y then head to Philly’s Barnes Foundation step into the museum after a year’s absence excited to mingle with adults and children but speechless in front of Soutine and de Kooning With liquefied brushstrokes de …

              More than 1,000 lucky children and 250 staff attended Liberty Lake Day Camp in summer 2020. With strict safety guidelines and a modified program, the fundamental essence of camp remained intact: kids, playing together, mentored by caring staff, outdoors.

              Parents of soccer enthusiasts aged 7 to 14 need to mark their calendars now for the West Windsor-Plainsboro Soccer Association (WWPSA) week-long summer soccer camps.

              The Ewing Recreation Department offers a summer day camp program for students entering kindergarten through 7th grade, plus counselor in training programs for 8th and 9th graders.

              Summer is just around the corner — what a fantastic time for your child to discover the world of dance and all that it has to offer!

              Here at Camp Mason, we say Camp Counts because for 120 years, we have welcomed campers to be a part of our caring, inclusive community where they are valued and can grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially.

              This year more than ever, Summer Camp is vital for our community and its children.