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Yoga’s Benefits FREE for Everybody

Princeton Yoga Community Center (PYCC) is a nonprofit service organization in the heart of Princeton providing a wide range of yoga offerings at no cost.

In 2014, the United Nations’ General Assembly declared June 21st as “International Day of Yoga” in recognition of the myriad benefits Yoga brings for those who practice as well as the wider community throughout the world. Jayadeva, who started teaching yoga in 1969 and came to Princeton to found the Princeton Yoga Community Center, explained that yoga supports a healthy mind and body, helping people manifest harmony, peace, and well being in their lives. He explained that those taking advantage of the PYCC regularly find yoga bringing special benefits, which include healing properties, spiritual awakening, clear mindfulness, focused attention, and contentment, all of which serve people in many of their life activities and circumstances.

PYCC, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is governed by a Board of Trustees working to help the organization fulfill its mission:

PYCC nurtures physical and mental wellness, spiritual awakening and growth, and empowers and inspires people to serve in their communities with joy, wisdom, and compassion.

Since it was founded in 2016 at its current location at 301 North Harrison Street, the PYCC has been dedicated to bringing the full scope of yoga’s many benefits to the Princeton Community. PYCC’s roots in Princeton go back over 20 years to when Jayadeva, the founder and director of PYCC, moved to the area bringing his commitment and decades of experience to serve our local community and beyond.

What makes PYCC special is not only its dedication to teaching and sharing the yoga practices and benefits, but its commitment to making yoga available to everyone no matter what their economic circumstances may be. All of the regular classes, daily meditations, most group gathering events, and workshops are available to all freely, asking only those who are able and want to help to contribute any tax-deductible donation they choose. The Yoga Community Center is supported almost entirely by generous contributors.

PYCC has reached out to and worked with many local organizations that include the Girl Scouts, SAVE Animal Shelter, Princeton Friends of Open Space, the Princeton High School Counselors, Trenton teen moms, and so many others.

To fully appreciate how PYCC has served the community one just needs to ask the many people who regularly take classes there.

“Since finding yoga and the PYCC my life has become much happier. I know it sounds simple, but it’s true. The combination of the physical activity of the asanas, the pranayama breathing exercises, and the deep meditation has made me a better person in all aspects of my life.” - Kristen.

“Extremely kind, compassionate and all inclusive. And I need a place to heal. I have severe PTSD and acute insomnia. I need to feel safe. I need to heal. This is a place where I can feel safe.” - Suzannah

Princeton Yoga Community Center, Princeton Shopping Center, 301 North Harrison Street, Suite 1E, Princeton. 609-454-3140 or 

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