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YES, And! Those two small words have been proven to be life-changing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other conditions that impact their social and/or communication skills.

People who learn and practice this simple technique in their lives have grown to develop strong communication and social skills along with building confidence, listening skills, collaboration skills, and very importantly, what makes them unique.

For more than 14 years professional actor and founder of JW actors studio, Jody Wood, has taught children and adults the skills and principles of improvisational theater. Workshop participants have reported a wide range of transformative benefits that impact many aspects of their lives and work, including courage in risk-taking, discovering hidden talents and capabilities, creativity, focus, and presentation skills.

Applying his skills, Jody Wood began conducting workshops based on improvisational theater techniques for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and other unique communication needs. Inspired by the possibilities, he developed, tested, and formalized a new program; SKIT® (Special Kind of Improvisational Theater) was launched to the community.

In Jody’s TEDx Talk he describes his journey from New York to Hollywood actor and director all the way to becoming the founder and director of SKIT®.

The goal of SKIT® is to introduce and build communication skills, social skills, and confidence to improve the ability to form relationships, friendships, participate in life more fully, and to have an opportunity to secure more purposeful employment and meaningful careers. SKIT® has expanded the programs offered to acting for those who are serious about the craft, songwriting, playwriting and storytelling, and a popular class, workplace communication. SKIT® is a strong advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities in the meaningful workplace and in films and television.

Accomplished in a fun, high-energy atmosphere, students often don’t even realize they are learning these critical skills because they are having such a great time! SKIT is about opening the doors to what is possible. We focus on the ability for everyone to be their very best. We have had so many students, parents, and caretakers tell us from their hearts that, “I’m telling all of my friends how the improv (in SKIT) facilitates so many skills for my son. Previously it had been very hard for him to think in the moment and to speak out!”

SKIT® has multiple locations, virtual classes, and has established many community relationships, including other local programs such as Encouraging Kids Family Resource Center.

SKIT® looks forward to serving more families in the state of New Jersey with locations now in Pennington, Beverly, and Deptford. We are also still offering virtual classes. Contact us at 609 240-7080 or and visit our website at

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