Stark & Stark is now participating in the Diversity Lab's Midsize Mansfield Rule initiative.

At Stark & Stark, we pride ourselves on the unique backgrounds of our lawyers and staff, each with a different perspective but united in the common goals of excellence, ethically serving our clients, and learning from each other. We understand that in the diverse and interconnected world in which we live and work it is essential that we engage and embrace people with different experiences and backgrounds in our work.

Our firm’s mission is to:

  • Include everyone in the firm in serving our clients, to the best of our abilities;
  • Engage with and lead our community, our bar associations, and our professional associations to seek greater diversity and inclusion everywhere;
  • Recruit smart, interesting, and energetic people who have diverse experiences and opinions; and,
  • • Work towards a world where everyone is judged on their successes, where everyone has an equal opportunity to find their own path and their own idea of success.

The Women’s Initiative at Stark & Stark was formed in recognition of the benefits of diversity within our firm and to acknowledge and promote the strengths that our women attorneys bring to the field of law in general, and to our clients in particular. We are committed to:

  • Recruiting qualified women attorneys in all of our fields of practice;
  • Helping those attorneys advance within their departments as well as within the firm; and,
  • Promoting their leadership roles in the legal, business and non-profit communities.

We offer in-house programs that align with our mission, assist with marketing and networking opportunities, mentor our younger members, and establish policies that support a work/life balance.

For many years, members of our firm have been involved in various women-based professional associations and organizations, and as we have grown, Stark & Stark has continued to advocate for women in business, particularly in our own firm.

Our goal is to have a greater representation of women attorneys at Stark & Stark as a whole, as well as in leadership positions, which will benefit both our firm and our clients.

Stark & Stark is participating in Diversity Lab’s Midsize Mansfield Rule initiative as part of our continued efforts to actively advance the recruitment, development, and promotion of diverse lawyers. Stark & Stark is one of over 100 midsize law firms nationwide to participate in the Mansfield Rule Certification program.

The Mansfield Rule is named for Arabella Mansfield, the first woman admitted to practice law in the United States. The initiative measures whether law firms affirmatively consider diverse lawyers for hiring, advancement, and significant leadership roles. The goal of the Mansfield Rule is to boost the representation of diverse lawyers in law firm leadership by broadening the pool of candidates considered for these opportunities.

Under this initiative, Stark & Stark is committed to obtaining a candidate pool that consists of at least 30% women, attorneys from underrepresented racial and/or ethnic groups, lawyers with disabilities, and/or LGBTQ+ attorneys.

The Mansfield Rule initiative also includes a commitment by Stark & Stark to be transparent in our internal governance, particularly with our selection guidelines and job descriptions for firm management roles and committees. Our firm believes that everyone deserves a path to success, which is why diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values at Stark & Stark.

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