His insults flew across the land and no one seemed to care.

His hatred of the vigilant press the public did not scare.

The good advisors Trump first hired could have calmed him down

But quickly he disposed of them and no one seemed to frown.

He called on Russia, met with Kim, and jettisoned our friends

But most folk shrugged their shoulders as each old alliance ends.

He closed the border, took the young, and put them in a cage

But this atrocious conduct stirred up not a whit of rage.

He watched the virus sweep the land but threw the doctors out;

When several millions lost their jobs we scarcely tried to shout.

And when our heart-felt people cried that racism must stop,

He brutally dispersed them for a sordid photo-op.

If such disasters ruin our world and tear apart our land

It is the time for decency to take an electoral stand:

And since each good American can see these crimes unfold,

Then each and every citizen should cry out loud and bold

And so denounce this wretched man and say his day is done —

But if we fail to throw him out, true Evil will have won.


A longtime Princeton resident, Cheiten is the author of numerous short stories and poems, several plays, and the Princeton-based novella “The Hidden Ally.”