After my Pfizer shots, I make a reservation

to swim at six in the mornings at the Y

then head to Philly’s Barnes Foundation

step into the museum after a year’s absence

excited to mingle with adults and children

but speechless in front of Soutine and de Kooning

With liquefied brushstrokes de Kooning painted

Women, flat and fleshy like landscapes

and Soutine’s life size, bloody cow carcass

makes children hide behind their parents

The vaccine is the key to open the cage door

and many things outside are enticing

But most restaurants are still closed

And they are shooting Asians

Vida Chu lives in Princeton. Her poems have been published in US 1 Newspaper, Kelsey Review, Paterson Review, and others. Her two books of poems, The Fragrant Harbor and The Thirteenth Lake are published by Kelsey Books.