include the finger phalanges

on tired hands and

carpus, lunate in the wrists

stiff neck where tensions persist.

On Earth Day I take up chalk

draw flowers, sunshine on sidewalk

send happy birthday from far away

on FaceTime we find time to talk

hard rains falls the next day

but, missing does not wash away.

It’s the cuboid and the 4th tumid toe

that ache before the mornings go

when you call me just to say,

My doll is sick, Mom’s on the phone,

I can make oatmeal all alone,

my brother’s at swim team, the water is cold

he might cry, but I’m brave, and old

er, the oatmeal is done, bye.

I’ve not seen you since Christmas online must suffice

two Tylenol, a cold pack with ice

to ease the aches – a start

but not to heal my broken heart.

Kathryn Weidener is a professional storyteller and has been telling tales all her life. Her publishing credits include Schuylkill Valley Dispatches,, US1, Hobby Farm Magazine, and Sandpaper. A BA degree in Communication also led her through careers in social work, accounting and ESOL tutoring.She currently resides in Princeton.