an arf poetica

Digging, he decides

is fun the sand churns up

fast spews-spins-scatters

through his paws

the reason to do it

he doesn’t know reason

he thinks of what

he finds himself

doing which is digging

why here? something

smelly good beneath

he finds it bit

of rotten bite of shell

keep digging some

thing else will show its

self a nugget hugs

some tuck of meat

dig more dig down

find pebble-chunk

grind it hard

teeth it teeth it

too young to know

if what he chews

is dead or lived,

seaweed crab claw

mussel shred or clam

oyster leaking out

between pursed lips

of double shell what in

and of itself

to worry play with eat

crouch down my pup

and dig what’s hid

sand under sand under sand

Susman, a Kingston resident, has written six poetry collections. She teaches poetry writing through the Osher Institute of Rutgers University, and is a member of the Cool Women Poets.

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