I have listened to the spring

heard its repertoire of arias

echoed by the cardinals

felt its breath as a warm breeze

so gentle to the touch

observed its verdant grasses

mowed in linear patterns

its pungent fragrances

satiating the senses

admired the cherry tree

clothed in its finest gown

as its tiny buds

burst forth in pink profusion

I have seen a cloudburst of color

brilliant rays of yellow hues

the blossoming forsythia

the gilded Eastern Goldfinch

The earth no longer

in peaceful slumber

The Awakening has begun

Sopko grew up in Chambersburg and attended Trenton public schools and the College of New Jersey, where she earned a degree in elementary education and English. She taught elementary school for 32 years and in retirement has found more time to devote to writing.

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