A bald headed eagle soars across the skies

taking no note of the old man in the rowboat

in the center of the river

who has come across miles and passed millions of trees

with boy wonder

his oars crossed across his lap,

the special glasses he purchased at Herman’s Army & Navy

poised on his wizened face,

He spies the eagle, plentiful, now

and as the moon obliterates the sun, as darkness falls,

he marvels whether the bird of prey will plunge into the bronze waters,

his world disoriented.

As the moon reaches totality

there is a cry from the shore,

Unseen humans raise their arms and cheer

as if this spectacle was a reclaimed rock band

When the sun resumes its defiant posture,

the sky is empty, the water placid

the eagle absent.

He beaches the boat, hitches it to the trailer,

drives the myriad roads back home.

the two minute ecstasy giving way to a tableful of empty Cervezas

at Lulu’s in the company of other drunks

where he talks on and on with his throw away cell

eloquently slurring his words as he speaks to his elderly sister in Detroit.

Nancy Cathers Demme was born in Tennessee. She received a BA in psychology from the College of New Jersey and an MLS from Drexel University. She has served as a youth services librarian for 25 years. She has attended the Prose and Poetry Getaway in Cape May for many years and taken creative writing courses at Mercer County Community College. She is working on a young adult novel, “Mrs. Foster.”