Dr. Gianna Bigliani, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, owner and founder of Fluid Physio, is excited to help people move more comfortably.

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Dr. Gianna Bigliani, the owner and founder of Fluid Physio, is excited to help people move more comfortably.

“The first thing you need to know about Fluid Physio is that we can get fast results. We are different than any other physical therapy practice because of our approach: a full hour of one-on-one specialized manual therapy treatment that will return you to pain-free optimal performance and function much faster than others.”

Dr Gianna graduated from Temple University in 2003 and became a certified strength and conditioning specialist, complimented by her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She became a certified orthopedic specialist. She worked with athletes of all ages (including children) and abilities (including at a professional level). Dr Gianna pursued a career in physical therapy after sustaining her own rowing sports injuries.

The emphasis here is not on machines, she said. There are exercise balls, bands, and a giant mirror, among other therapy tools, but the primary treatment is manual therapy, including manipulating joints, soft tissue (muscles and ligaments), and nerves. “Manual therapy is followed by movement re-education,” said Dr. Gianna “The body needs to learn how to move without the restrictions it previously had so that the effect of the therapy is lasting.”

“Every patient is an athlete at Fluid Physio,” she says. “Our goal is to maximize your performance in the activities you love, whether they are on the water, on the road, on the field, or on the floor.”

“I often treat hips and backs in the winter when people slip and fall on snow or ice. Also, they can hurt their backs raking leaves or shoveling snow. Another condition I often treat is foot pain.”

She gives her clients “homework."

“Each patient gets specific exercises and movements to do at home according to their needs and goals.”

“We’re not created to be sedentary. It’s good to be physically active. I chose the name Fluid Physio because ‘fluid’ is how movement should be. Physio is how the rest of the world refers to physical therapy. I also like water and how the water moves, so I thought fluid physio was quite appropriate.”

Fluid Physio, 160 Lawrenceville Pennington Road, Suite 16, Lawrence. 609-436-0366. Fluidphysio.com.

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