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Mercer County is the 11th New Jersey County to surpass 2,000 cases of Covid-19 in the latest numbers provided by the state department of health, with 2,037 reported as of today.

The state also now reports that 87 people in Mercer County are known to have died of Covid-19-related causes. A day ago, those numbers were 1,856 and 76. A week ago, they were 1,161 and 36.

The state says 75,317 people in New Jersey have now tested positive for coronavirus. The state also reports 3,518 deaths are attributed to the disease. Bergen County has the most cases and deaths, with 11,409 and 668 respectively.

Mercer County also reports data collected from the 12 municipal health departments of the county regarding Covid-19 cases. The data is two days behind the data reported by the state, and does not always match that data.

The latest reports from Mercer show that Trenton has the most total cases, with 447, up from 401 the day before. Hamilton has the second most, with 357 (up from 333), and East Windsor has the third most, with 258 (up from 251).

East Windsor and Hightstown together have been particularly hard hit by the disease, with a combined 311 cases. Hightstown is an enclave of East Windsor, entirely surrounded by the township.

See chart at the end of the post for all the town numbers.

Mercer County does not and has never reported deaths by municipality during the crisis. A spokesperson for the county has said that they are looking into it. Two municipalities, Princeton and Lawrence, have disclosed this week that they have had 3 deaths apiece.

Burlington County is reporting figures for both cases and deaths throughout that county, including those in our coverage area. As of yesterday, Burlington reported 33 cases and 1 death in Bordentown Township, 13 cases and 1 death in Bordentown City, and no cases in Fieldsboro.

East Windsor237251258
West Windsor838788
Hopewell Township424544
Hopewell Borough223

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