Though in-person fundraising events have screeched to a halt for Bordentown City Cats, their efforts to help the region’s feline friends have not. That’s why they’re asking residents—and Santa—for help.  

The cat rescue will host an online “Dear Santa” crowdfunding campaign for the holidays. The fundraiser was set to kick off on Giving Tuesday.

“We rely primarily on in-person fundraisers to fund our operations throughout the year, so the pandemic has hit us particularly hard,” said Jenn Sciortino. “All our rescue operations have continued unabated, but our fundraising efforts have dried up due to the cancellation of events.”


Sabrina (black) and Gigi (tabby) are 2-month-old sisters up for adoption through Bordentown City Cats.

Bordentown City Cats is an entirely volunteer-run organization dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats, trapping and socializing feral kittens for adoption and trapping, neutering and returning cats that cannot be domesticated to a safe, outdoor surrounding.

The organization relies on in-person events for most of its fundraising—volunteers can always be found at city staples, like the Cranberry Festival and Street Fair, and the rescue hosts an annual flea market. With the cancellation of those events, Bordentown City Cats decided to host a special virtual event for the holidays.

“We are asking for the generosity of those who can spare a few dollars this year to help us continue to do the compassionate and humane rescue efforts we have been dedicated to for nearly 20 years now,” Sciortino said.

Bordentown City Cats was started in 2003 to address the the city’s outside cat problem. Volunteers foster cats and kittens available for adoption, while other adoptees stay at the PetsMart Luv-A-Pet adoption center on Route 1 in West Windsor.

The official campaign had not been launched by press time but can be found online at or at Donations and volunteers (over the age of 18) are also accepted at any time. Checks can also be made out to “Bordentown City Cats” and mailed to PO Box 421, Bordentown, N.J., 08505. 

To adopt, send an email to or call (609) 500-0608.