Bordentown High School. (Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.)

There will be a new township representative on the Bordentown Regional Board of Education starting this month.

Aneka Miller stepped down from her seat in December after being elected to Bordentown Township Council in November, which created a vacancy for the remainder of her term, set to expire Dec. 31, 2021.

The new board member will have to fit the following criteria: be able to read and write; hold United States citizenship; residence in the Bordentown Township for at least one year; be a registered voter in the district; have no interest in any contract with or claim against the board; not simultaneously hold two elected offices; and not be convicted of certain crimes.

The board sought resumes and letters of interest through Dec. 15. The new member will be appointed during the Jan. 4, 2021 board reorganization meeting. Incumbents Eileen Francisco-Cabus and Janet Nielsen were set to be sworn in, as was newcomer Joseph A. Dean, who will represent Fieldsboro. Jamie Augustyn did not run for reelection and instead retired from the board.

“Jamie and Aneka have left indelible and positive marks on our school district and should be acknowledged for their hard work, insight and contributions,” said superintendent Edward Forsthoffer in a letter to the community.

Miller has been a Bordentown resident for 14 years. She works as a regulatory affairs project manager for Merck. She currently serves on the Bordentown Regional Board of Education and has volunteered in PTO services at various district schools. She is also a longtime family member of the Bordentown Bulldogs youth football team.

Augustyn has lived in Fieldsboro for over 15 years and is a senior project accountant for a construction management firm. She has two children, both in the Bordentown school district. AAugustyn is the president and founder of the Bordentown Rec Field Hockey League. She has also served as the director and founder of the Girls Empowering Girls campaign, which is dedicated for leadership, empowerment and anti-bullying. As her term ends, she provided a statement to the Current. Miller did not respond to a request for comment.

“I learned so much during my three years on the board. It was a difficult decision to leave, and all the wonderful people involved in the Board made it even harder. Being a single mom, working full time, raising two children (14 and 12) as well as running the Bordentown Rec Field Hockey Program with Kim Crowell, I have a lot on my plate.

“I was not sure of the specifics of the position when I ran, but I knew that I wanted to volunteer my time and serve my community. It was a great experience, and I am sad to leave, but I am certain that Joseph Dean will serve the community well in my place.

“What I take away from this experience is a greater appreciation of all the hard work our administration and the staff do for our community and children every day to make Bordentown schools great. With a caring, committed superintendent at the helm, we have traversed a lot of complicated and difficult topics throughout the last three years, with COVID being the latest. “The board, past and present in my tenure, has taken each of these challenges in stride and found ways to make our schools a better place for our children. Each of the board members comes from different places and perspectives, but we have always been respectful and worked together to come to the best decision. As a small community, keeping to budgets and achieving the growth and changes the community desires has been difficult at best, but limited resources is not holding Bordentown back. I cannot say enough for the administration, teachers, and staff in Bordentown. As a parent and a board member as well as an active community member, all I can say is there is a lot of love and dedication in our district and I hope it stays that way.”