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The State of New Jersey is now reporting a total of 41,090 positive test results for covid-19 within its borders, with 740 of those cases reported in Mercer County.

The state has now had 1,003 deaths attributed to covid-19-related causes to date. Of those deaths, 19 are reported to have been in Mercer County. We have details on only a few of these deaths: one in Hamilton, one in Trenton and one in Princeton.

The state also reports that 47,942 people have tested negative for covid-19.

Mercer County had 654 positive cases as of Sunday, 586 as of Saturday and 484 cases as of Friday. However, the case count has nearly tripled since last Monday, when there were 249 positive test results and one death reported for Mercer County.

In an email sent out last Friday, Brian Hughes, the Mercer County executive, said the county would soon roll out a website with details regarding the impact of covid-19 on all 12 municapalities. We are still waiting for access to this website.

Somerset County has a detailed map that is very similar in design and information to the state’s covid-19 dashboard.

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