The latest Covid-19 update from the New Jersey Department of Health shows that 2,845 people in Mercer County have tested positive for coronavirus to date, and 145 people have died from Covid-19-related causes.

Of those 2,845 cases, 528 have occurred at 22 long-term-care facilities. Seventy-two of the 145 deaths reported countywide have occurred in long-term-care facilities, which have been hard hit by Covid-19 across the United States.

The state had reported 2,753 cases and 133 deaths for Mercer as of yesterday. Statewide, New Jersey has now reported 95,865 cases of Covid-19, and 5,063 deaths to date.

The state is also now reporting demographic data on victims of the virus. Of the 5,063 people in New Jersey who have died from Covid-19-related causes, 3,971, or 78.4%, have been age 65 or older.

The state reports that for deaths in which race is known, 49.3% are white, 22% of the deceased are black, and 17.2% are Hispanic. As of the 2010 Census, New Jersey’s population was 68.6% white, 13.7% black, and 17.7% Hispanic (all races).

The state is also reporting underlying condition data for 2,397 of the 5,063 deaths. As has been widely reported around the world, people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and lung disease are particularly at risk to experience complications due to Covid-19.

Underlying Causes


New Jersey Department of Health


Mercer County also aggregates case data from its 12 municipal health departments into a report that lags a few days behind the state reports. The county does not break deaths down by municipality, but does have case data as of April 20.

Trenton: 710

Hamilton: 536

East Windsor: 316

Ewing: 275

Lawrence: 127

West Windsor: 108

Hightstown: 81

Princeton: 74

Hopewell Township: 59

Robbinsville: 56

Pennington: 9

Hopewell Borough: 3

A few municipalities independently provide more recent data than what the county provides. Hamilton Township reports 621 cases, 41 deaths, and 170 recoveries as of today. Princeton reports 88 cases, 5 deaths and 44 recoveries as of yesterday. West Windsor reports 112 cases and 49 recoveries as of yesterday.

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