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The State of New Jersey says Mercer County is now up to 837 positive test results for covid-19, with 24 deaths in the county as of April 7. That means 97 new cases and 5 new deaths reported since yesterday.

The County of Mercer has also provided a town-by-town breakdown of positive test results for the first time since the crisis began. These figures, which are accurate as of yesterday, break down the tally of cases as follows:

Hamilton Township: 165

Trenton: 148

East Windsor: 140

Ewing: 72

West Windsor: 53

Princeton: 41

Lawrence: 37

Hopewell Township: 33

Hightstown: 26

Robbinsville: 24

Hopewell Borough: 2

Pennington: 1

Unknown: 5

The county has not yet provided town-by-town data on deaths, although the data is available in many other counties, such as neighboring Somerset County.

The town-by-town numbers for Mercer tend to correspond with the size of each municipality’s total population. Hamilton and Trenton are by far the two largest municipalities in Mercer, with 88,464 and 84,913 residents, respectively, and have the most cases, with 165 and 148.

The clear outliers are East Windsor, with 148 cases for a population of 27,190, and Hightstown, with 26 cases among a population of 5,494.

Mercer County has an estimated population of 366,513 people, meaning countywide, as of yesterday, 1 person in 500 has tested positive for covid-19.*

It is worth mentioning that because testing in New Jersey has so far been limited to those who are symptomatic, we don’t know how many people may have the disease who have not been symptomatic or who have had mild symptoms. The CDC has said that a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms, and even those who eventually develop symptoms can transmit the virus before showing symptoms.

With 140 cases in a population of 27,190, East Windsor’s reported infection rate is higher — at 0.51% of the population, or a little more than 5 people per thousand residents — than is typical in Mercer County. Hightstown’s rate reflects a positive test rate of 4.73 per 1,000 residents, also higher than the county average.

*1:49 p.m. edit: With today’s announcement of 97 new cases, this number changes from 1 in 495 people yesterday to 1 in 438 countywide who have tested positive for coronavirus. The rate can be expected to continue to increase as the number of positive test results goes up.

Source for population information: Wikipedia.




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