If owning and running the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market has been Joseph Kuzemka’s full-time job for a while, owning and running the new Out of Step Offbeat Boutique and General Store will now be his other full-time job.

Gary C. Woodward argues in “The Sonic Imperative: Sound in the Age of Screens” that despite the proliferation of visuals in our culture — hence the screens in the title — hearing is the primal sense.

    The College of New Jersey emeritus professor Gary C. Woodward recently turned his life-long fascination for communications work into a book that takes a sound look at hearing in a visual age.

    We just celebrated Independence Day last month­—the 245th anniversary of our declaration of independence from Britain. But how many of you know that 227 years ago, “Independence” was considered as the name for our town of Ewing? I explored the naming and boundaries of our township many years…

      Charles Feggans opens his novel “Miller Homes” as follows: “In this story, Miller Homes (in Trenton) is a community housing development known for warehousing low income people."

      The first step to growing old gracefully is to readily admit that you’re getting old.

      This month we reflect upon and express gratitude for people like Patricia Whitehead, who share their experiences to bring the past alive to us all these years later.

      So….masks. There are those who don’t wear them. There are those who wear them. There are those who forget them in the car and have to run back and get them. There are those who have to wear them while they work. There are TV and movie superheroes who wear them because their costume requires it.

      Ewing Township health administrator Teri Vacirca has been immersed in all things COVID these past several months, scheduling residents for vaccines and working on other COVID-related issues for the township. Workdays have been hectic and demanding, but she has found a respite tucked away in …

      Around the 1860’s, in the limited vicinity of Ewingville, Ewing [Presbyterian] Church and Shabbakonk Road, which he considers his ‘neighborhood,’ John Hendrickson recalls that there were from 20 to 30 houses

      There’s a big old gnarled tree on Broad Avenue. It sits outside our neighbor’s fence, with a grassy area between it and the street.

      “I’m a professional barber. I make people feel good and look good. Mostly feel good,” says Joe Festa — affectionately known as the “Mayor of South Warren Street” in the heart of Trenton.

      The first phase of homes in the Ewing Town Center is nearing completion, and the property is now officially open to the public for tours of its Witherspoon Neighborhood.