Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte, spent time in the township.

Switlik Survival Products, one of the area's oldest manufacturing companies still in business, breaks ground on a facility spanning the Trenton-Hamilton border.

Using Auntie Diz Knee’s patented “Fun Scrambler App™,” you’ll be randomly assigned to rides and eateries at any time and place except the one you wanted


Enough is finally enough with Trenton Water Works. The state Department of Environmental Protection is intervening in the daily operations of TWW, which has failed to address numerous problems in the provision of safe drinking water for many years.

Since 2019, students under the guidance of physical education teacher Mark Pienciak and guidance counselor Anthony Belfiore have seen the Hamilton High School West Garden Club bloom.

"I’ve seen worse in other places, but the lack of maintenance definitely sent a message that no one cared enough to keep it clean"

Red foxes deliver late-night mating calls fromour downward-pitched backyard, yielding another fitting name: ‘Screaming Fox Hollow’