All 3 of Hamilton Township’s public high schools are set to return to the stage with productions that will be open to the public

Are you aware that there are students in Hamilton Township who are having an international virtual experience via weekly Zoom encounters, pen pals, and educational videos?

Hamilton's Gilda Rorro, member of the national Italian-American Hall of Fame, honored by the president of Italy and a New Jersey education pioneer, still works to fulfill a pledge she made to Pope Pius XII


Members of St. George Ukrainian Orthodox Church say Vladimir Putin’s inhumanity has been met locally with a humanitarian outpouring of support for them, and for Ukraine, from the Hamilton community

Alexander Dutko and Thiago Silva decided on Hamilton for Ballet Central New Jersey because of the enthusiasm about young people activities in town. Ten years later, with an expanded facility, the center is full steam ahead


New Jersey residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana more than a year ago, but they won’t be able to walk into a store and buy cannabis until later this year at the earliest.