Dylan House with Memphis

Dylan House with Memphis, a dog that Code3 Animal Rescue Aviation helped save after being shot, paralyzed and abandoned in Mississippi.

Code3 Animal Rescue Aviation Team, recently helped a paralyzed husky get from Mississippi to her new fur-ever home in New Jersey.

Weeks after a husky was left for dead on the side of a Mississippi road, she is getting the chance at a brand-new life in New Jersey. The long journey to a new home began when Mark House got a call from a local husky rescue asking for help.

“They asked if we could help transport a paralyzed husky from Mississippi to New Jersey,” House said. “The dog’s backstory was one of the most heart-wrenching stories I had ever heard. So, of course we were determined to help this sweet girl.”

Elsa (now renamed Memphis) is a young husky believed to be between six months and one year old. Rescuers in Mississippi found the dog unable to move on the side of a road where she lay for 3 days in the sweltering summer heat. People stopped and left her food and water, but because she was unable to move, she couldn’t reach it.

The dog was finally rescued by a local rescue in Yazoo City and taken to emergency veterinarians. At first, rescuers believed she had been hit by a car, but it was soon determined that she had been shot and the bullet was lodged in her spine causing paralysis of her hips and rear legs.

After the dog was shot, it is believed that she was most likely was dumped from a vehicle onto the side of the road.

“She was a determined dog that refused to give up,” House says. “It was her determination and will to survive that I fed off to make this mission happen. If she wasn’t going to give up, neither was I. I was determined to get her to New Jersey.”

Code3 needed countless hours of planning, coordination, pilot scheduling and a little help from mother nature to pull the 4-plane, 12-hour air transport together for Memphis.

“Missions like this take a village of people and organizations to come together and make them happen.”

House said. “To save just one dog there are many organizations across multiple states that dedicate many hours to help. Code3 is just one part of the big picture.”

Memphis made the trip just fine, House reports. She slept “like a rock” the first night in her new home and is doing very well. “We’re always happy when we get to see an outcome like this,” House said.

The mission was flown with the help of Pilots N Paws and their nationwide group of pilots.

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