Members of the United Moms Charity Association and officials of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton exchange a donation of surgical masks from the UMCA to the hospital.

The United Moms Charity Association has donated 14,000 surgical masks and $20,000 to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton, the hospital has announced.

The hospital says the contributions will be used to support the hospital’s ongoing priority mission of patient and staff safety through the purchased of needed supplies and safety equipment now and in the future.

“We do not want to miss any chance to contribute our care and effort to this community,” said Chun-Hwa Cheng, founder and president of Cranbury-based UMCA. Wan Lin (Nancy) Chien, vice president of UMCA, was on hand to present the donation to the hospital.

Richard Freeman, president and chief executive officer of RWJUH Hamilton, said part of the donation may be used to purchase an additional Tru-D disinfection robot for RWJUH Hamilton. The Tru-D robot, already used in the hospital, uses ultraviolet light to deactivate microorganisms.

RWJUH is located at 1 Hamilton Health Place, Hamilton.