The Hopewell Township Committee recognized February as Black History Month in New Jersey and in the township when it met on Feb. 1.

Using an updated version of the Resolution written in 2020 that included local history by Beverly Mills and Catherine Fulmer-Hogan, they honored prominent African-Americans, both current and historic, including Elaine Buck, William Stives, Friday Truehart, and Frost Blackwell. The resolution was read in its entirety by Assembly members Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Anthony Verrelli.

The meeting also included a report from Bonnie Williams, the chair of the recently established Citizens Equity Advisory Committee, which was formed on the recommendation of committee member Michael Ruger and started meeting in September. The advisory committee comprises members who represent different segments of the Hopewell Township community.

Williams said the committee has been discussing equity, and plans to systematically review township regulations and practices. The committee has also been researching organizations that focus on inequities that could be used as a model for ideas, policies and procedures.

Williams reported that the committee is also looking at police policies regarding recruitment and emergency services, and that civilian police director Bob Karmazin has been attending the meetings.

The next meeting of the Hopewell Township Citizens Equity Advisory Committee will be on Zoom and is scheduled for Feb. 9 at 7 p.m.