This post reflects my personal opinion on vaccinations. If you have no interest in my opinion, please just move on. I am aware of my detractors and, as a result, I did not post this on any of our community Facebook pages—just on my own Facebook timeline, my own blog site, and in this column.


Lawrence Township municipal manager Kevin Nerwinski.

Okay, let’s get to some business...

As some of you may know, I have been hesitant to personally appeal or encourage anyone to get vaccinated. I just don’t think I have the background and expertise to prompt anyone to inject the vaccine into their bodies.

Having said that, I have also been clear that I rely on trusted sources for my information to make decisions for myself and to keep township employees as safe as I can while meeting our mandate to serve our community.

The Mayo Clinic website is where I go daily to keep informed. For those that do not trust the government or are bent towards conspiracy theories (and seek something different), this source may be for you. To find out more about it, go to

It is a world-respected, non-profit medical treatment and research institute, and during this pandemic, is a valued source of current and trusted information. As with any hospital providing treatment, you will find negative reviews from patients if you do a search, but my focus is on its medical research, which is unquestionably respected.

For those that are unvaccinated, please take some time to view this site:

I understand everyone has an opinion on this topic. Tragically, some have allowed politics to enter into our fight against a world health pandemic. And it is “our” fight because our actions impact the health and safety of others.

The one and only fact that really resonates with me right now is that more than 90% of the COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths are for the unvaccinated.

Some will say that is their choice and they will suffer the consequences. But that falls well short of common sense.

When our hospitals are filled with unvaccinated people, using our medical resources (human resources, testing resources, and treatment resources), it jeopardizes the health and treatment of those who require hospitalizations for medical conditions unrelated to the virus.

I simply can’t imagine the mindset of the doctors, nurses and all those providing comfort and care to the unvaccinated knowing that science has produced a vaccine to help fight this virus.

Yet people are still being hospitalized, ventilated, and at times, tragically dying, when it most likely was avoidable if only they trusted enough to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated.

I hear people all the time say that they have done their research on this topic, and they have decided that the vaccine is not for them.

Fair enough, but where did they do their “research?” There are too many sites available on the internet where you can go to find the answer that supports where you want to “land” on this issue.

That can prove to be a tragic mistake—and it has for many already. I suggest you direct your “research” to objectively (non-political) trusted sources of science-based information.

If you still say “no” to the vaccine.... you have then made an informed decision and no one can fault you.

The decisions we make on this issue are not personal, they affect others. The responsibility extends beyond the individual. Good luck! Peace and Love!

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