My kids are grown now — and gone. One by one, they said goodbye and disappeared into their own future. Leaving me with the memories. And stacks of drawings.


The holiday season is here, and there’s something glowing brighter than ever. That’s because the region’s cultural presenters are once again adding an abundance of color and life to a season that is dark and cold.

Pia de Jong is a Dutch writer who lives in Princeton. She can be contacted at

Pia de Jong is a Dutch writer who lives in Princeton. She can be contacted at

    Changing the Landscape: Healthy Yards = Healthy People/Cambiando el Paisaje: Jardines Sanos = Gente Sana, a year-long project aimed at encouraging our community to adopt healthy lawn care practices, continues to make progress. 

    The world may cry, even fall apart, but through it all, dogs keep doing their happy dances.

      One controversial application -- for a new home on Wheatsheaf Lane -- was approved, while another -- Princeton University's plans for the former Court Club -- won't be resolved until the fall. 

      Summertime: Just say that one rather common word a bit more languidly than usual, drawn out with the slightest hint of melody, followed by a small pause, and people smile and light up.

      A year apart means we are meeting our close friends again for the first time.

      The value of preserving history is facing off against the importance of addressing tomorrow’s scientific problems as a Princeton University plan to alter the historic Prospect Avenue streetscape to accommodate new engineering buildings has generated fierce debate.

      The fifth iteration of the Arts Council of Princeton’s “parklet” has been installed, this time outside of Chez Alice at 5 Palmer Square West.

      James Demetriades, the recently named CEO of Penn Medicine Princeton Health in Plainsboro, is taking charge of one of the region’s major medical centers during an era of unprecedented changes.

      Arts Council of Princeton artist-in-residence Robin Resch says she likes the idea of using Nassau Street’s Dohm Alley as the setting for her upcoming photographic exhibition, “Taking Pause”