Pia de Jong is a Dutch writer who lives in Princeton. She can be contacted at pdejong@ias.edu.

Charlotte drawing Nov 21 Echo.jpg

Illustration by Charlotte Dijkgraaf

Lament for an Afghan Boy

Mountains draw their mighty silhouette
Against the morning sky
Of this mysterious country

Where people spent the night
For a sliver of hope

Only to find more houses broken
More families shattered
In fear.

Their freshy torn wounds
Bleed into the roads
Where dust covers the droplets.

Amidst the desperation
Of lives halted
And futures destroyed

The world watches a boy trying to escape his country,
A kid still,
But old enough to know
It does not make sense
Hanging on to an airplane
To borrow its wings.

I close my eyes
To not see him fall
And imagine

Him landing softly on a soccer field
Where he scores a winning goal
For a cheering crowd.

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