Here’s a comment from a Robbinsville High student in discussing her 7th-grade track & field season at Pond Road Middle School. “My friends did it and I just wanted to just try it. I was supposedly a distance runner but I didn’t like running, so I would try to be a sprinter and use practi…

There are often humorous stories told about how a player becomes a goalie in any sport. For Robbinsville High lacrosse junior Alley Ortega, it was less humor and more a process of elimination.

From May 4 onwards, New Jersey businesses will be unable to distribute and sell single-use plastic bags as well as polystyrene foam products as part of what is being described as “the strongest” bag ban in the nation.

Director of Public Safety is one of the hats I wear for Robbinsville, but no one will ever confuse me with Miller Huggins—manager of the fabled 1927 New York Yankees featuring the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Tony Lazzeri.

    In order to fight suburban sprawl and to fend off competition from big box retail stores located on major regional highways, many towns—including Robbinsville—have embraced the concept of town centers. These mixed use, retail/office/residential developments have created many positive outcome…

    In the six seasons prior to Conor Hayes taking over the Robbinsville High boys basketball program, the Ravens’ record was 39-109. As of Jan. 24 of this year, in his sixth season since becoming head coach, Robbinsville was 63-49. And since 2019-20, counting an 11-2 start this season, Robbinsv…


    New Jersey residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana more than a year ago, but they won’t be able to walk into a store and buy cannabis until later this year at the earliest.

    While November and December are times of great thanks, appreciation and celebration, 2022 brings new hope and at least the possibility of life returning to normal.

    Robbinsville resident Vaughan Burton and his band, Dream of Maya, will present the premiere of his rock opera, “Croquet,” at the West Windsor Arts Center on Saturday, November 6.

    It all started innocently enough. The Robbinsville High field hockey team was taking part in a “Play Day” at Hightstown, which is a series of preseason mini-scrimmages against various teams.

    Putting your name on a ballot is one of the most frightening things anyone can do... Having been in the arena for 26 years, I salute anyone who puts themselves out there and is willing to serve the public.