If owning and running the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market has been Joseph Kuzemka’s full-time job for a while, owning and running the new Out of Step Offbeat Boutique and General Store will now be his other full-time job.

    With hopes that others may have more information on Trenton’s past and islands, we are sharing correspondence from Peter White, a descendant of one of Trenton’s original families.

    G.E. Marshall, Inc., at 810 South Broad Street in Trenton, is a longtime producer of custom awnings that may well be one of the longest-operating businesses in the capital city.


    The 130th anniversary of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Trenton’s south ward provides an opportunity to see Trenton as an internationally connected city — one where people still come to find freedoms, safety, and opportunities.

      Charles Feggans opens his novel “Miller Homes” as follows: “In this story, Miller Homes (in Trenton) is a community housing development known for warehousing low income people."

      “In the sneaker culture to reintroduce a sneaker is a big deal,” says artist Dez FlyKickz in her Trenton studio as she prepares for her first solo exhibition at Trenton Social, the city restaurant with a gallery space used for monthly shows and openings.

      Sneaker artist Dez FlyKickz in her Trenton studio.

      Taste Trenton has announced that it will curate an appropriately socially-distanced excursion to the capital city’s restaurants this summer during the weekend of June 11–13.

      “I am an open mic host, community artistic event organizer, a bit of a poet, and run a community theater group — most, if not all, of my events are free,” says Todd Evans. A ubiquitous presence at poetry readings and spoken word events from Trenton to Princeton, Evans says, “I have been doin…

      Public interest in labyrinths has been growing over the past several years, according to the World Labyrinth Society

      Millions have experienced significant hardship because of income lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately there are programs at the local and county level to help