Some of the best stories that come out of our annual Summer Fiction issue are not just the stories themselves, but the stories of what happens to the writers after their work is published.

Since our last fling with fiction and poetry we have come across several “alumni” making news in other corners of the literary world. Shobhan Bantwal, for one example, who has had two short stories published in U.S. 1 Summer Fiction issues, came out with a first novel last fall: “The Dowry Bride.” Last September we reported on her book signings in Arizona, Camden, Barnes & Noble in Hamilton, and the Plainsboro Public Library.

Then a story in an October issue of the paper caught our eye. It was a profile of Mort Zachter, author of the memoir, “Dough,” about inheriting millions of dollars from his supposedly poverty-stricken uncles. Zachter’s name rang a bell and, sure enough, he was another contributor to the Summer Fiction issue. His 2001 story was titled “A Tale of Urban Renewal.”

Zachter was an accountant when he submitted his work to the Summer Fiction issue, and had become a fulltime writer by the time of our profile in 2007.

Earlier this year we received a letter from Randall Kirkpatrick, a frequent contributor to the Summer Fiction issue, who shared the good news that he had been accepted to participate at a writers’ conference in Positano, Italy. So this past March Kirkpatrick enjoyed the literary world as viewed from a five-star hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

We can’t promise a view of the Mediterranean but we can promise a gathering for all the contributors to our 2008 Summer Fiction issue — whether published or not — at a Princeton location in mid-August.

The date of the writers’ reception and reading will be announced soon. We know for sure that the issue will be published Wednesday, July 23, and that the deadline for submissions is Friday, June 20.

Those who have submitted before surely know the drill — nothing has changed. See page 32 for the full details and where to direct your short stories or poems. As always, we look forward to your stories, before and after our deadline.

Health & Fitness

The deadline for another annual U.S. 1 publication is fast approaching. Within a few days health and fitness practitioners in our database will receive a fax or letter asking for additions and corrections to our listing information.

If you are located in the greater Princeton business community and do not receive a form from us, we may not know about you. In that case fax your contact information to 609-452-0033. Or E-mail and put “Health and Fitness Directory” in the subject line. That will get the ball rolling toward your free editorial listing.